GLB® Triple Tab® Chlorinating Tablets

GLB® Triple Tab® Chlorinating Tablets sanitize pool water, prevent algae and clarifies pool water. Triple Tab® Chlorinating Tablets are slow dissolving and stabilized for extended chlorine life.

Useful Tips

  • Contains copper sulfate to kill algae
  • Stabilized for extended chlorine life
  • Chlorinates for up to one week
  • Clarifies pool water
  • Protects against algae and bacteria

Available Sizes: 10 lbs. / 22.5 lbs.

Granular 25 lb
GLB® Granular

GLB® Granular Dichlor offers easy pool sanitization for daily chlorination.

 Useful Tips

  • 56% available chlorine
  • Easy to use and convenient

Available Sizes: 1 lbs. / 8 lbs. / 25 lbs. / 50 lbs.

GLB® Generation Brominating Disinfectant

GLB® Generation is a form of brominating hydantoin for pools. When used as directed, this product will disinfect pool water, keeping it clean, clear and free of odor. GLB® Generation gives the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor.

Useful Tips

  • Creates soft water feel
  • Maintain 1- 3 ppm available bromine at all times

Available Sizes: 25 lbs. / 50 lbs.

1 in tabs
GLB® Small 1” Tablets

GLB® Small 1" Tablets provide 90% available stabilized chlorine. These tablets can be used in floaters, feeders and skimmers.

Useful Tips

  • 1/2 oz. tablets
  • Easy to use and convenient

Available Sizes: 2 lbs. / 8 lbs. / 50 lbs.

3 in tablets
Large 3" Tablets

Use these slow-dissolving tablets for continuous disinfection with floaters, feeders or skimmers. 

Useful Tips

  • 90% available chlorine
  • Maintain 1- 4 ppm available chlorine at all times

Available Sizes: 4 lbs. / 8 lbs. / 15 lbs. / 25 lbs. / 50 lbs. / 90 lbs.

GLB® Chlorinating Sticks

These convenient and easy to use chlorinating sticks from GLB® are formulated to protect against chlorine loss in direct sunlight and can be used in floaters, feeders or skimmers. They are designed to dissolve slowly to provide a steady source of available chlorine.

Useful Tips

  • Large, 8 oz. sticks
  • Provide 90% available chlorine

Available Sizes: 50 lbs.